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Six tips to identify quality carpet

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Update time : 2017-03-22 16:08:11

A, the carpet of the high, high high amount of carpet yarn is more accordingly, so the foot feels good.
Second, look at the density of carpet, the carpet weaving direction bend to check whether the hole, if no hole, the density is generally good.
Three, wool carpet, with hand touch carpet fluff feeling good carpet veil the fine filament number, easy lodging in use, easy to use.
Four, carpet surface is neat weaving, pile height are consistent, with shape, high low MAO, MAO MAO, hairy, defects such as broken hair.
Five, carpet surface color uniform, do you have any color difference, oil and other quality problems.
Six, see if carpet back glue is firm, does any glue, glue and seepage glue phenomenon.

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