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Carpet buying tips

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Update time : 2018-09-11 16:13:53
    As the weather changes and cools, the carpets that are both warm and decorative are favored by people. The materials of the carpets are different. When purchasing carpets, durability, beauty and ease of cleaning become the three principles of carpet consumers.
    According to reports, in addition to the characteristics of the fiber and processing, the quality of the carpet, wool carpet is also related to the density, weight and sputum method of the plush fiber. The thicker and thicker the plush, the heavier the weight of the plush per unit area, the more the texture and appearance of the carpet can be maintained and durable, and basically, the short-haired and densely woven carpet is more durable. When the consumer checks, he can use the thumb to press the carpet, and when it is finished, it will quickly return to its original state, indicating that the density and elasticity of the woven fabric are better; or the carpet is bent. The more difficult it is to see the bottom pad, it means that the plush is denser and more durable. In addition to wool carpets, many carpet manufacturers now choose to use nylon to produce carpets. Nylon carpets have better resilience, color fastness and fire rating than other carpet materials. Therefore, many consumers are slowly starting to use more nylon carpets, such as nylon printed carpets, nylon handmade carpets and so on.
    Consumers emphasize the combination of indoor space when purchasing carpets. Generally, carpets are labeled with a description of the environment and the ability to withstand the frequency of walking. When choosing, pay attention to the location of the laying and the amount of walking there. Frequently moving areas, such as entrances and halls, should use high-density, wear-resistant carpets (such as short-haired velvet); places with low activity, such as sleeping rooms, can choose higher-quality, softer carpets. (such as cut velvet); while the stairs should choose a durable, non-slip type.
    Cleaning carpets has always been a headache, so pay special attention to the purchase, plain and non-patterned carpets are more likely to reveal stains and footprints; the dust of the cut carpet usually emerges on the carpet surface, revealing stains, but dust The dirt is easy to clean; while the loop pile is easy to accumulate dust in the bottom of the carpet, which is difficult to remove. Of course, large-scale paving carpets need to be handled by professional carpet cleaning companies. Usually, when you keep them, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets. Therefore, carpet manufacturers will provide corresponding aspects when selling carpets. Paving cleaning and maintenance services.