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Carpet use maintains six laws.

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Update time : 2018-01-10 17:39:48
1. Avoid light - we should try to avoid the strong direct sunlight, so as to avoid the fading of the carpet.

2. Antifouling - the use of oil, acid, colored liquids, etc. in the process of use, such as pollution, should be immediately used high quality carpet cleaning paste erased.

3., Dust removal. It is easy to gather dust in the surface fiber of carpet. It should be cleaned regularly along the direction of wool along with the vacuum cleaner. No toothed or rough tools should be used to avoid damaging the carpet surface.

4., Guard against hair down, such as carpet hair falling down, wipe with hot towel and hot water, and comb with comb, straight and straight, with iron pad wet cloth and wool ironing, it can be restored to its original state.

5. Anti concentration point pressure - in use, in the leg of the furniture in contact with the carpet, should be placed or often moved to replace the furniture. In addition to the use of cover to protect the serious worn parts, it can also be replaced by the replacement position.

6. The room with carpet should pay attention to the ventilation and moisture-proof, so as to avoid the carpet moth and mildew, such as the phenomenon of worm moth, corrosion and so on, the professional personnel should be asked to repair it.