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Described the new blueprint Huade rearranged davos

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Update time : 2018-01-03 16:06:09
The 2015 summer davos BBS on September 9 to 11, held in dalian international conference center, the state council premier li keqiang 10 attend the summer davos and address the open eremony.From more than 90 countries around the world more than 1700 business, political, academic and media leaders gathered "to describe growth new blueprint" theme, discussed under the background of scientific and technological innovation, the new problems affecting China and world economic growth and the critical issues.Huade group of tens of thousands of square carpet in davos BBS, cheer for the economic event supporting her!
In June, in the sales department in Beijing signed the first nine summer davos BBS meeting carpet supply contract.This is huade group again after review on the international stage, to show the world walt, a good addition to the "window" for the country's diplomacy.Group company and each department strict standard, rapid production with good quality, in August 18, advance the time of delivery, for the lead time for this session of davos BBS meeting, wonderful to complete the tasks assigned to them by the countries of again.
A green event, let the world remember huade ready.This annual meeting for the purpose of "green office", "to describe new blueprint for growth" as the theme, huade remember the purpose and theme, the conservation and environmental protection into effect.Since the world economy BBS choose "hand in hand" with China, it is destined to September every year's davos China time.It also makes was far away from us to the mountain and by the side of the lines of Swiss town, in a different way with us together.This year, the summer davos BBS, in this wonderful point, around the influence of China and the world economic growth, new problems and critical issues worth looking forward to "China", "Howard carpet" trustworthy, let us more sincere service, create new brilliance!