Home and commercial carpets differ in several ways
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Home and commercial carpets differ in several ways

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Update time : 2023-12-24 19:26:52
Home and commercial carpets differ in several ways:

Usage occasions: Commercial carpets are mainly used in commercial places such as hotels, hotels, office buildings, and airports, as well as public facilities such as hospitals and schools. Household carpets are mainly used for home decoration, such as living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Material and process: Commercial carpets need to meet high technical requirements such as flame retardancy, wear resistance, and watermark resistance. Therefore, they are mostly made of synthetic fibers and man-made fibers, and the process is also relatively complex. Home carpets pay more attention to comfort and beauty. The materials are mainly natural fibers and the craftsmanship is relatively simple.

Functionality: Commercial carpets need to have multiple functions, such as sound insulation, anti-slip, decoration, etc., to meet different needs in different places. Household carpets, on the other hand, mainly pursue comfort and beauty, and have relatively low functional requirements.

Maintenance and Care: Commercial carpeting requires frequent cleaning and maintenance to maintain its performance and longevity. Home carpets require relatively little cleaning and maintenance, but they do require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance.

In general, domestic and commercial carpets differ in material, craftsmanship, function, purpose and care. The specific choice of carpet needs to be decided based on actual needs and usage occasions.