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How does the carpet clean the long hairy carpets to clean up

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Update time : 2017-12-18 16:48:12
How to clean household carpets for cleaning the long hairy carpets

It can be cleaned with anhydrous dry powder, the combination of washing machine and dry cleaning powder, and then the dirt on the carpet surface is inhaled into the dry cleaning powder, so that the overall cleaning will cause less damage to the carpet.

When cleaning the carpet part, it should be cleaned from the edges of stains, and then quickly close to the stain center. Do not wipe it from inside to outside, which is easy to lead to the spread of stains.

Dust cleaning method

When the carpet dust is removed to remove the carpet, a point can be sprinkled with salt, which has the function of suppressing the dust flying. Because salt can absorb dust, even small dust dust, can also be cleaned and clean. It can also make carpets more durable and often color.

Removal of pet flavor

How do you wash the pet on the carpet? You can use this method to add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 liters of warm water, soak and dry with a towel and wipe it. Because vinegar can not only prevent discoloration or discoloration of the carpet, but also eliminate the odor of the pet. After the rubbing is finished, it is possible to put the carpet in a ventilated area.

Method of cleaning coffee stains

How can the carpets be cleaned if you accidentally spill the coffee on the carpet? Can first use dry cloth or paper to absorb water, and then mixed the same amount of liquor and alcohol sprinkled on the stains, scavenging with dry cloth. If there is no liquor, vinegar also has the same effect. Therefore, if the family has left to drink liquor, will make good use of home cleaning, maintenance. In addition to coffee, food stains, including black tea, which are easily stained with color, can also be removed in the same way.

Cleaning method of long haired carpet

If the woolen carpet is not too dirty, it can be papped outside.

The vacuum cleaner that uses the brush head can make the dirty carpet look less dirty.

Use soda powder: evenly sprinkle soda powder on the carpet for about 15 minutes and use the vacuum cleaner to clean up good results

If the long wool carpet is a woollen carpet or a chemical wool blanket, it will leave some traces when placing furniture for a long time after being pressed. If it is pressed, it will leave behind some traces. If it is wet with hot water, the towel will be pressed and placed on the mark after 5 to 10 minutes, then it will be restored to its original state by combing and drying with comb and hair dryer. If there is a carpet comatulid, probably due to friction or spikes caused by hook, Lee cut flat, do not pull down.

The above is the cleaning method introduced by Beijing Xiaobian Xiaobian for different situations. Besides the effect of anti slip and sound insulation, the carpet is also very strong in decoration. Besides cleaning dirty, cleaning and maintenance is also very necessary.