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How to lay carpet tiles as follows

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Update time : 2023-12-04 10:49:07
How to lay carpet tiles as follows:

Clean the floor to ensure it is dry, clean and flat.
Select the starting point. According to the shape of the room and the laying plan, the starting point is determined through calculation. The starting point is generally not close to any wall.
Pay attention to the directionality. There are printed arrows on the back of each carpet, which reflect the same direction of tufting on the carpet surface. When laying, pay attention to follow the arrows to maintain the consistency of the direction.
If the ground is flat and the four blocks at the starting point intersect at one point, any four subsequent blocks should intersect at one point. Otherwise, if there is no problem with the size or right angle of the rug, there will inevitably be a patchwork problem and it should be reworked without leaving any seams.
For the fixation of open edges, some special parts must be cut according to their shapes, such as the shapes of walls and columns to achieve a tight fit. When laying to the door or other open sides, it is best to purchase special carpet edge strips to close the ends.
After trimming and laying the carpet, check the overall effect. If you find any suede patchwork, you can make appropriate adjustments, such as exchanging blocks. During the laying process of carpet tiles, due to various reasons, the joints of some carpet tiles may occasionally fuzz. You can trim them with scissors or use a hot air gun to trim them, but you must pay attention to the trimming gestures and the temperature control of the hot air. , to avoid damaging the carpet.

The above is the laying method of square carpet tiles for your reference. It is recommended to make adjustments according to the actual situation or consult relevant technical personnel.