Why Five Star Hotels Choose Axminster Carpets
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Why Five Star Hotels Choose Axminster Carpets

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Update time : 2023-11-08 23:58:02
Axminster carpets are widely used in five-star hotels for the following reasons:

1. Noble and elegant appearance: Axminster carpet has unique texture and pure color, which can highlight the style and high-end feeling of five-star hotels. Its exquisite design and quality materials make it a highlight of interior decoration.

2. Good flame retardant performance: Axminster carpet can meet the B1standard of fire protection. For commercial places such as hotels, the selection of flame retardant carpet is a necessary safety measure. This can effectively reduce the risk of fire and protect the lives and property of guests and employees.

3. High abrasion resistance and color fastness: Axminster carpet has high abrasion resistance and color fastness, and is not easy to fade. This means that the hotel does not need to change the carpet frequently, saving costs and maintaining the beauty of the carpet.

4. Better environmental protection: Axminster carpet is made of natural fibers and does not contain any chemical additives. It can effectively prevent the pollution of odor and harmful gases in indoor air, improve the air quality of guest rooms, and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for guests.

5. Good sound-absorbing performance: Axminster carpet has good sound-absorbing performance, which can effectively reduce noise interference. This is very important for hotels to create a quiet and comfortable environment for guests and provide a better rest and sleep experience. To sum up, Axminster carpet has obvious advantages in quality, appearance, flame retardancy, wear resistance, color fastness, environmental protection and sound absorption, so it is an ideal choice for interior decoration of five-star hotels.