Why should carpets be divided into hotel carpets, office carpets, etc.
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Why should carpets be divided into hotel carpets, office carpets, etc.

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Update time : 2018-09-24 23:35:23
     Normally, plain and unpatterned carpets are more susceptible to stains and footprints, especially the darkest and lightest carpets, so when choosing a carpet, be sure to choose the right color pattern for the carpet. product. The dust of the cut pile carpet usually appears on the surface of the carpet, revealing stains, but the dust is easy to clean, and the loop pile carpet is easy to form dust on the bottom of the carpet, which is difficult to remove and care, so the carpet production process is different. Cleaning and care also have different effects, but the dust of the carpet can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, so the carpet also has the function of vacuuming, so that the dust and floating objects in the house and carpet can be absorbed on the carpet and not float in the air. Inhalation of the human body. If the carpet is covered with some easily dyed liquids such as coffee, cola, etc., it can also be solved by cleaning with carpet cleaning or some household cleaning products. Therefore, the color pattern of the carpet is according to different places and usage scenes, so the carpet is classified into office carpet, household carpet, hotel carpet, and the like. And the carpet is different according to the location, the carpet material and production process can also be adjusted。